Sunday, November 13, 2011

iCloud Photo Stream

Photo Stream is one of the many iCloud services available for iOS devices, as well as for Windows, Mac OS X, and even Apple TV. The idea behind Photo Stream is that pictures you take on any of your devices are shared, via iCloud, to all of your other devices. Simple, and useful, enough. However, here are seven things you may not know about iCloud Photo Stream:
  1. On iOS devices, photos are uploaded as soon as you leave the Camera app, as long as you are on wifi. Photos will not be uploaded over a cellular connection.
  2. Photos are only stored on iCloud for 30 days. Normally this is plenty of time for each of your devices to download the photo. But if this is a problem based on your usage patterns, make sure each device is connected to wifi at least once every 30 days.
  3. iOS devices are limited to the last 1000 photos in the Photo Stream. Mac and Windows systems will keep all photos, however.
  4. While Mac and Windows systems keep the native resolution of the photo, iOS devices may resize to photos to a resolution optimized for the specific device.
  5. Photo Stream does not support videos.
  6. Photo Stream photos do not count toward your iCloud storage limit.
  7. You cannot delete individual photos from the Photo Stream, only all of them at once. Doing so will not delete the photos from the individual devices.

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